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payment method

[Credit card payment]

Number of payments
3 times 5 times 6 times 10 times 12 times 15 times 18 times 20 times 24 times

■ Please also check the notes below.

The number of splits varies depending on the credit card company.
Double payment, bonus lump sum payment,
Bonus combination payment is not available.

In the case of
Payment in installments may not be available.

Please check with your card issuer for details.

・ Your card issuer
If you do not handle payment in installments.
Example: VISA, some affiliated card issuers with the Master mark, etc.

・ If the customer's card issuer has a contract that does not allow payment in installments or revolving payments.

The payment date varies depending on the closing date of the credit card used and the details of the contract. Please contact your credit card company.

* Only for customers using AMEX, the number of payments will be a lump sum payment.

Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to make purchases using the address information and credit card information registered in your account.
You can shop without entering credit card information just by logging into your Amazon account.
There are no additional costs for using Amazon Pay. * Only "lump sum payment" is available.

PayPal is a service used by more than 300 million people around the world
for easy and secure payment and remittance.
If you register your credit card, debit card, or bank account with your PayPal account, you can use the account to send money or make payments.
Payment information registered with PayPal is protected by PayPal, so card information and bank account information will not be transmitted to the store when making a payment.

Credit cards and banks that can be used with PayPal are as follows

·credit card


Payment can be made using the information registered with PayPal.
If you already have a PayPal account, log in and use Express Checkout to complete your payment safely and quickly.