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Money luck power spot "Zeniarai Benten Ugafuku Shrine"

I think that there are many people who went to New Year's Day, but it is also recommended to visit Zeniarai Benten Ugafuku Shrine in Sasuke, Kamakura City to pray for better luck with money and work!
This shrine is very famous as a shrine that benefits business prosperity and financial luck.

At the end of the Heian period, the world was in turmoil and the people were suffering.
One day, an old man appeared in his dream pillow and said something like this.
“In the valley to the northwest, there is a clean spring that flows between the rocks.

I found a spring just as the dream told me. It is said that a shrine was built there to worship Ugafukujin, and that water was brought and offered every day.

As a result, the world was gradually brought under control, and people were able to live peacefully.

After that, Hojo Tokiyori washed his money in this miraculous water and prayed for the prosperity of his family, which is said to be the origin of the coin wash.

Based on these legends, it is said that if you wash your money in the sacred water that springs up from the rocky cave on the grounds, it is said that the money will bring you new money. It is a shrine.

Located about 18 minutes on foot from Kamakura Station, when you climb a steep slope, Zeniarai Benten suddenly appears.
It blends in with nature and has a mysterious appearance that seems to be hidden quietly.
After passing through the tunnel, there is a torii, and when you go inside, you will feel that you are surrounded by trees as if you were swallowed by the mountain and you are with nature.
The air is clear and the sound of the water is soothing, and at the same time, it makes me feel like I've come to a special place that no one knows about.

There is also Shichifuku Shrine.

The day when Minamoto no Yoritomo was told in a dream pillow was the night of the moon and the day of the snake in 1185, the year of the snake. It is said that if you go to Chinotomi no Hi, your profits will increase even more.
Please refer to it as it is described below.

Snake Day (Days in red are Snake Days)
January 11th (Wednesday) First victory 23rd (Monday) Tomobiki
February 4th (Sat) Tomobiki 16th (Thu) Tomobiki 28th (Tue) Butsumetsu
March 12th (Sun) Butsumetsu 24th (Fri) Butsumetsu
April 5th (Wed) Butsumetsu 17th (Mon) Butsumetsu 29th (Sat) Akaguchi
in May 11th (Thursday) Akaguchi 23rd (Tuesday) First win
June 4th (Sun) first win 16th (Fri) first win 28th (Wed) first win
July 10th (Mon) 22nd (Sat) Butsumetsu
August 3rd (Thu) Butsumetsu 15th (Tue) Butsumetsu 27th (Sun) Akaguchi
September 8th (Friday) Akaguchi 20th (Wednesday) First victory
October 2nd (Mon) first win 14th (Sat) first win 26th (Thursday) Tomobiki
November 7th (Tue) Tomobiki 19th (Sun) Butsumetsu
December 1st (Fri) Butsumetsu 13th (Wed) Daan 25th (Mon) Daan

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