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A lot of memories when the shop was renewed......

I still remember how excited I was when I first saw this place.
I think that wonderful encounters are not things that can be found easily even if you look for them, but rather encounters.
I met this place
I really thought that it was a chance that God gave me who was worried about various things.
And what I liked the most was the building surrounded by greenery even though it was in Omotesando.

Like a house where a family gathers,
I still remember that I wanted to create a shop where people would be warmly welcomed, and I thought about the design, sparing no time to sleep with everything I had.
There are many such memories.


This is such a lovely entrance.


The stairs from the 1st floor to B1 used to be just a hole like the photo on the left.


Here, the entrance floor and walls on the 2nd floor have been completely repaired and replaced with concrete shelves and benches.


The stairs were also made of concrete, all the baseboards and door frames were removed, and the walls were finished clean with white.


Display table designed from scratch

I worked on everything without compromise, and I was able to create a design that I really like.
Customers from the time we had a store in Laforet,
Those who saw our shop while passing by and visited our store.
If you are in Japan for sightseeing,
I am very happy that I met a lot of people who came to the store because I was curious about it on Instagram, and that everyone liked it as a relaxing space even though they were in Tokyo.

For me, the store is a place full of smiles.
I have been trying to create a space that is fun and soothing.
And in that time while facing each customer,
It is a very important memory that I spent time with everyone like a family.
Currently, the shop is closed due to the corona crisis, but we are sincerely grateful for your visits so far.
thank you very much!


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