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From Kamakura Station, if you walk along Wakamiya Oji toward the sea, you will see Renbai (Kamakura City Agricultural Cooperative Market) on the left side where you can buy freshly harvested vegetables including Kamakura vegetables.

In today's terms, it's a farmer's market where people who love to grow sell lots of delicious vegetables.

I used to come here when I was a kid
This space, which leaves the appearance as it is, is a place where you can feel nostalgic and warm.
It may be aging, but I want it to remain as it is

Buying Kamakura vegetables here and cooking them at home is one of the pleasures after returning home Check out the cute vegetables!

And if you go through it, there will be an area where small shops are lined up, and there you will find Paradise Alley.

Atmosphere 100% that you care about just by looking at it
Delicious natural yeast breads are gently lined up

I don't eat dairy products, so I buy vegan bread.
Bucket, anpan, and banana focaccia today! !
You can eat it in the store, but today I went back to the techout house and ate slowly.

It's getting warmer, so it feels good to eat in the sea, but please be careful of kites! !
It is very delicious, so please stop by when you come to Kamakura.


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