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eat YOGA STUDIO - hayama

Close to the Manaze coast where you can see Mt. Fuji in Hayama
There is eat YOGA STUDIO.

A place where therapists and advisors of various genres such as raw food, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, phytotherapy fasting, intestinal activity, yoga, aroma, massage, etc. is.

In addition to the cafe, various classes such as morning yoga and workshops are held here.

Inside the store, you can relax slowly as if you came to a friend's house like this.

Today is
I bought a vegan falafel sandwich and cold-pressed juice and went to the beach because the weather was nice.I'm sorry that the sandwich picture was hard to understand, so I wanted to drink it quickly, so I drank the juice before taking a picture.

Actually, it looks like this (I borrowed the photo)
It looks delicious! Of course it's very delicious to eat.
There is quite a volume, so you will be full.

via eat yoga studio

The vegan cookies were also very good.
(Also, before the photo, I ate it, I ate it... I'll be careful after crying m(_ _)m )



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