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A coffee roaster "DARK ART COFFEE" with an eye-catching appearance at the long-handled intersection that connects Route 134 and Route 311 (Hayama Kamakura Line).
With its head office in London, you can drink delicious coffee here that is roasted in-house.
Inside the store, there are used clothes, and it's a strange and exciting space where you can discover something.

And here, there are plenty of vegan options, including vegan sausage hotdogs made by the owner himself!
The cinnamon bun was also vegan and very delicious!

But I did it again,,,
It is said that you will eat before taking a picture ,,,

It looks delicious, so I'm happy to eat it right away.
I want to introduce you, but I lose my desire.
You have to be careful,,,

There are also vegan burgers, brownies and cookies.
I took a picture of the menu (because I was waiting for the rice to be ready lol)
Take a look!

photo: dark art coffee

29 Nagara, Hayama Town, Miura District, Kanagawa Prefecture


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