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This season's featured hairstyle trend "slick back"

This season's featured hairstyle trend “Slick Back” This is a hairstyle that was often seen on the spring and summer runways of 2023, and is a style in which the hair is stroked back.
You can create a sophisticated, mature and cool atmosphere, and styling is surprisingly easy.
You can arrange it with short hair or long hair!
Is it a style that throws everything behind, or a horizontal division of about 8 to 2?
Whether it feels fluffy or loose, or whether it should be tight, etc.
When you wash your hair in the bath, try it out to see what it looks like, so please try it!

■ Dry your hair with a hairdryer so that it flows backwards

■ When you want to make an outside splash, use a straightening iron to create a light and natural outside splash.

■ Mix a little oil into the wax and apply it all over the hair in a flowing back motion.
If you want to make your hair look fluffy and fluffy, mix oil with wax or balm.
You can adjust the consistency by adjusting the amount of oil you mix, so it's a good idea to find the amount that gives you the texture you like.

■By dividing the body into 8 parts, or by pouring everything into the back.
The degree of keeping is different if you try not to collapse with the weight of the oil.
It is good to spray from a distance so that the finish is natural and not too hard!


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