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February 2023 The reason why I can't help but look forward to the Burberry collection

photo: daniel lee ( courtesy of kering )

In September 2022, Burberry announced the appointment of Daniel Lee as Chief Creative Officer Ricardo Tessi.

For me, who loved CELINE when Phoebe Philo was there, after she left CELINE, I felt like I was robbed of my excitement because the movie I was looking forward to was gone.
At that time, when I learned that Daniel Lee, who I had worked with at CELINE, would lead Bottega Veneta, I remembered how excited I was and how I was filled with anticipation that I might witness it again in the future. increase.

And without disappointing, the collection was fun and exciting, like a toy box full of the best and the best.

"Wow~ that's nice~, this is also nice~, I styled it like this~" While enjoying the playful collection and enjoying the endless fantasies, it will be reactivated in 2021. The news that Bottega Veneta is leaving suddenly ran around.
eh! ! It goes without saying that I was surprised and disappointed.

But, but! ! ! In September of this year, there was news that he was appointed Chief Creative Officer of BURBBERY, a traditional British brand!
Yay! The moment I read that, I immediately smiled.
I can't wait to see what kind of collection it will be from now on.
I am looking forward to the collection that will exceed my imagination while imagining how BURBERRY will change.