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What are the benefits and benefits of Vitamin C Serum?

It is said that it is important to take vitamin C regularly to increase immunity and support skin health and vitality.

This is because vitamin C is necessary for the production of amino acids that make up collagen, which keeps the skin firm.
A lack of vitamin C prevents the synthesis of collagen and causes scurvy.

Collagen is available in supplements and skin care products, but vegans cannot take it.
This is because collagen comes from animals such as fish, pigs, and cows.
However, if you get the protein you need from plants, you won't be particularly short of collagen.
For vegans, it is effective to take collagen vitamin C internally or topically to support the synthesis of collagen in your body, in addition to keeping in mind the intake of high-quality protein. You can say that.

Vitamin C, when taken with iron, enhances the body's ability to absorb and use vitamin C.


Neal's Yard is a holistic beauty land that proposes a high-quality lifestyle by incorporating the vitality of plants.
There is a factory where the head office, herb garden, laboratory and manufacturing factory are concentrated in a vast farm in Dorset, England.
Each product is carefully crafted to deliver the fresh scent and vitality of freshly harvested organic plants.

Intensive bright care of vitamin gel serum
Rose hips contain 20 to 40 times more vitamins than lemons, and skin-beautifying ingredients rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and linoleic acid care for UV damage.

Caninabara fruit oil and hyaluronic acid have a water-storing power, and only 1g can store 6 liters of water, supporting a moisture barrier.
I use it mainly on dry and wrinkled areas.
From the moment it penetrates your skin, your hands will stick to your skin and you will feel happy that your skin is hydrated.

This is not a C serum, but I would like to introduce another item that I cannot live without.
Wild Rose Beauty Balm! !
In the UK, it seems that she has won 7 Beauty Awards! I have fairly dry skin due to aging, but this balm is a thorough moisturizing care with condensed vitamins.

A beauty balm made from wild rose, which is said to be a treasure trove of vitamins.
It contains oils such as jojoba seed oil and cannabis seed oil rather than serum, so take an appropriate amount on your hand, warm it with your palm and apply it to your face.
It's a little oily, so I use less in the morning and apply an appropriate amount to my face before applying the cream.
I think it would be good to change the amount according to the season and the condition of your skin, or use it only at night.
On days when I don't apply it, it's one of those items that I'm worried about when it runs out because it's dry.

And best of all, this balm is 99% organic! !