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Dry winter measures Recommended hand cream derived from plants

When the cold gets tough, the dryness is getting worse. Just like your face, your hands are the most dry part of your body.
It is also a place where wrinkles tend to appear with age due to damage from sunlight during the day and frequent hand washing and disinfection due to the corona crisis.
So it's very important not to forget to take care of yourself! If your hands are clean, you can wear a sophisticated atmosphere and feel better.

Today, we will introduce carefully selected hand creams that contain plenty of plant-derived nutritional ingredients.
Not only is it moisturizing, but the scent is also very important because it is very soothing when commuting to work or between work.
Fragrance is a must, not a compound, but a natural fragrance!
Natural plants and flowers have a relaxing effect, so if you smell the palm of your hand after applying hand cream, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and be healed.


WELEDA, a pioneer of organic suki care products, has been faithful to its philosophy since its founding in 1921. Today, it is organic that has passed high and strict standards, respect for the production area, and its permanence. , the harmony between people and nature is our top priority.
It's one of my favorite brands that I have been using for about 15 years.

[WELEDA] Skin Food 75mL
¥2,970 (tax included)

Weleda's long and best-selling product has won awards and has been loved all over the world since its birth in 1926.
A concentrated moisturizing cream for the whole body that envelops the skin that is prone to rough skin with deep moisture, making it plump and soft.
Herbal extracts protect your skin from dryness. For the care of particularly dry, hard and stiff areas such as hands, elbows, heels and nails.
With a thick and firm texture, apply gently with the palm of your hand until the cream is absorbed.
It is also excellent for face care, and as a countermeasure against dryness, it is good if you press it with the palm of your hand after lotion or beauty essence to penetrate it!

[WELEDA] Skin Food 30mL
¥1,760 (tax included)

■ UKA ■

[uka] uka nail oil 24:45
¥3,960 (tax included)

There are 5 types of uka nail oil in total, and they are blended with essential oils that match the daily scene. Since it is a roll-on product, it can be applied by rolling it around, making it easy to use and convenient to carry.
The "24:45" introduced here is (this number represents the time)
It contains lavender, so if you put it on before going to bed at night, it will moisturize your nails and the scent will relax you.

■ Jurlique ■

Jurlique is a brand born in South Australia in 1985.
Owning an organic certified (*1) farm, growing plants with respect for the global environment, and carefully crafting under the brand concept of wanting to be a presence that leads to people's well-being through cosmetics containing powerful plants. It is

(*1) NASAA - Organic certified farm certified by the Australian Sustainable Agriculture Association. Biodynamic pesticide-free organic farming, which has continued since our founding, gives plants a strong vitality and makes it possible to grow plants with optimal nutritional conditions.

Formulated with carefully selected herbal extracts, chamomile flowers, daisy flowers, Garika rose flowers, lecithin, etc., it blends well with the skin and is not sticky, but it is moist and comfortable to use.
And above all, it is a hand cream that will soothe you as if you were on a trip to a rose garden while taking care of your hands comfortably the moment you put on the scent of roses.